Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Rainy Day

Good Morning, it's just another rainy day here in Aroostook County. I was up early to let Billie out of his pen and get him fed. Billie is our pet goat. He is 3 1/2 months old and very spoiled. Our son brought him home while we were away. The last thing we needed was a goat, but I have to admit, he's been very easy to become attached to.

The very first thing I had to do was make him a little sweater, because I was sure he was going to be too cold. He was only 9 weeks then. We had a heat lamp in his pen, but in my mind he was still just a baby. Babies need to be warm.

I think he really likes his sweater. Isn't he cute? Hollie, our 2 year old boxer just loves him. They've become best friends. I thought Hollie was going to be a bit jealous, but I don't think Hollie let's too much bother her.

Until tomorrow...


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