Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazing finds at the Auction…..

Joe and I attended an auction last Saturday afternoon. It was a last minute thing. We didn’t even know it was going on, until my mom called to let us know about it. We rushed right over to find it had already started 45 minutes before we got there. Thankfully we were still able to get a number.
The auction took place at an old potato house that had been turned into an anitque place years ago. I remember shopping at it a time or two, but they didn’t have regular hours so it was hard to find them open.
The place was huge and FILLED with LOTS of great things! If only money grew on trees!
My only regret was that I didn’t bring my camera. Oh well! I still got some pictures of some of our great buys!
We bought this chair for $10! It is so comfy! Gonna have it re-upholstered, though. It’s a bit musty smelling.
This solid oak child’s rocker was a steal at $20! I LOVE IT!
 A lovely dresser for $30. I don't even have to re-paint it! 
A stool covered in somebody’s hard work. I got this one and another together for $2.
I gave the other, not my style one, to my Aunt. She loved it!
A ladder back rocker…..$5.
               IMG_7905    IMG_7907    IMG_7909
Three amazing chairs for $1 each! The first two are solid oak.
I’m going to re-do the seat on the rocker. Any suggestions???
My husband grabbed all these old boxes/crates for just $2.
A small barrel….$5.
An old pie holder w/pie plate, an old wooden bowl, a scoop, a small cast iron pan, and 4 old tin molds for $15.
A great old table for $5. Lots of possibilities!
My favorite buy of the day was a box full of pewter and two old candlesticks. Just $5 for all of it!
We also picked up a couple of old twin size quilts and a really large old basket. It was a great day!
My mom, aunt, cousin, brother and sister in law also bought some really great things, as well.
We had the best time, and it was a really full day. I think we were there for about 5 hours and they still weren't finished auctioning off everything.
I am kicking myself in the butt for not staying long enough to bid on an old cast iron sink cabinet. What was I thinking leaving so soon? Oh well! We did get lots of great buys, and we lost a few too, but that's why they call it an auction.
Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Oh man as I kept on reading I kept on getting more GREEN WITH ENVY...the bonus was at the end with all that Pewter...oh to die for!
    And the prices were awesome too.
    How great your mother called you!
    Love it all

  2. LOL! I don't think this auction was very well advertised or I know I would have had a lot more competition. There were a lot of Amish folks at the auction, but they were mostly bidding on the farm stuff. They had so many lovely old items. Everything had to go, so they took whatever they could for stuff. I'm so glad my mom called, too!!

    Have a great day, Karen!

  3. Ok I missed it. Where was it.

  4. On the Lamoreau Rd. in Easton. I'm sure you've been by it before. I don't know where it was advertised, but mom told us. She heard it from someone who drove by it. The auction company was up here from Harmony, Maine. Not sure where that is.

    You really missed a good auction. I need your cell# for emergencies like this!

    How's camp going? BTW...Happy Birthday!

    Miss you and all the other ladies!! Can't wait for next week....


  5. Wow! You hit the jackpot! Great items with wonderful prices!! The chairs, the pewter, the black dresser, the barrel....everything. Oh, what fun! You probably will store it for now or do you have some great ideas that you can start TODAY OR TOMORROW?

    1. We did hit the jackpot for sure! I am so excited about everything. We are storing it all in our garage for now, but it will soon go into our new home. Ground work starts next permitting, of course. Can't wait!

      I have many other projects that need starting, but it's all so overwhelming. I saved them all up so we could make sure everything with the house was in place first. Didn't want to put the cart before the horse kind of thing. Now they are all piling up. Just all so exciting!

      Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

  6. WOW Great deals. What about redoing the seat of the rocker with a piece of a old battered quilt?

    1. Oooohhh! I love this idea!! Thank you!

  7. Julie whats the date for the Keepers meeting?

  8. Any idea why they did the auction? I used to know the people who owned it, I worked with the husband at Marden's and took a class from him at NMCC all while I was in college, I haven't seen nor heard from them in years, and always wondered about their antique place. Wish I had known about it, I'm really jealous of all your finds!! Looks like a super fun day!

  9. Not sure why they closed up shop and auctioned everything off. They just said everything had to go. Most of it went for under $50. Even the really big items. There was a really old grandfather clock that was awesome...even still had the key to it. Bidding started out at $500, but it only sold for $125. I could have stayed longer, but we had church that night, so we left before it ended.


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