Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeper's Christmas Party....

We had our final keeper's meeting of the year.
This is a picture of our keepers. 
We played some really fun games, had some great food, and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

In this game we had to shake the ping pong balls out of the tissue box without using your hands. Hmmm...looks like someone might be cheating?
The next game had everyone in stitches! The goal was to pick up a roll of toilet paper with the handle of a plunger. The catch is that the plunger is held between your legs, the toilet paper roll is held between another persons legs, while you're backs are turned to each other. Oh, and you can't use your hands. This was a challenge, but so much fun, as you can see.
We also had lots of giveaways, so everyone went home with something nice.
Janice was our host for our little celebration. Her house was decorated so nicely for the Christmas season.

 Thank you Janice!
Merry Christmas Keepers!
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas filled with family and friends!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Willie's New Owner is....

Congratulations!! Willlie is all yours.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful posts. I enjoyed them so much! I love this time of year and all the magic that it brings.
I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas season!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Winter Giveaway.....

How has your week been? Ours has been busy and full of grandchildren.  I love when they call and on the other end of the phone I hear, "Meme, I just need you". Something I never tire of hearing!
On Friday Piper and I started the day at the Menonite bakery buying some homemade donuts and cranberry pecan bread. This has become our Friday tradition together. Then she and her dad and I did a bit of shopping. When school got out, we picked up her brother and headed home. They tell me that tomorrow (Saturday) we have to make cookies....pumpkin ones! I can't wait!

Well, I thought that since I did a fall giveaway, I really should do a winter one, too. I have a special little someone just waiting for a home. His name is Willie.

Isn't he cute? He is 12" tall and his nose is 3 1/2" long. He's pretty heavy, too. His bottom is weighted to keep him sitting nice and tall. To win Willie all you have to do is be a member of my blog or become a new one, don't worry your information will not be shared. Then just leave me a comment telling me all about your favorite Christmas memory. I just love this time of year and I'm sure you have lots of stories to share, but it'll only take one to put yourself in the drawing.
I love getting comments from all my readers and really appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings.
You have until midnight on Friday~December 7 to enter. I will announce the winner on Saturday. Best of luck to everyone!