Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Day-cation in Canada...

Much to my delight, my husband decided to play hooky from work today. I love our days spent together, and it is truly a treat to have him home on a weekday.

So after finishing up some laundry, we headed out the door. Hmmm? Where are we going to go today? CANADA! We both love going to the great country of Canada. It's really a lovely drive and most especially on such a nice day as today. Don't worry! I brought my camera along so I could share with you some of the places we stopped at, and the beautiful scenery along the way.

The picture above is of an old barn that we have passed many times, but this time I got a picture.

Bath, New Brunswick was our destination. There is a wonderful take-out there that my husband and I try to visit a few times each summer. You can see some nasty looking clouds in the picture, but they were just passing by. The weather was great!

This is the little take-out where we ate our lunch. It was DELICIOUS!  We ate outside at the picnic table.

Doesn't it look good?

After lunch, we just drove around looking at the scenery. Such a beautiful country. Some of my husband's ancestors are from Canada, and all of my mom's family is from there. No wonder we are so partial to this country...It's in our blood!

This is a picture of the McCain's french fry plant. The french fry capital of the world! It's located in Florenceville, New Brunswick. The McCain's are distant relatives on my husbands side of the family. 

I bet you never knew there was such a thing as a potato museum, did ya? I've always wanted to check it out, so maybe that will be a blog for another day.

There is a nice little vegetable farm in Bristol that my husband and I like to stop at early in the season, because they always have new potatoes ready before anyone we know. I should have gotten pictures of all the vegetables they had, but I got side tracked by all the cute little sheep. Aren't they adorable!

This is a picture of the longest covered bridge in the world, located in Hartland, New Brunswick. It is a whopping 1,282 ft. long!

This is another covered bridge located in Florenceville, New Brunswick. The town of Florenceville was named after Florence Nightingale.

Of course, after all that sight seeing we just had to stop and get dessert!

My husband had a very boring vanilla cone, but I got a small bowl of peanut butter carmel cookie dough ice cream. Let me just say, that it was the perfect end to a perfect day!



  1. Your lucky we need to get over. Looks like you had a very enjoyable day.

  2. Just think in a couple of hours you could have been in St. Martins... smile..

  3. I actually tried to convince my husband to go to St. Martins, but he said it was a trip for another day. I promise that I WILL visit you before the summer is over!


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