Thursday, July 12, 2012

And another one added...

KIDS! What do we do with them? Remember when I told you that our oldest son Matthew was always bringing home a new critter of some sort? Well, he's done it again. This time it's a 3-month old Belgian Malinois puppy. A puppy! Oh, we need another dog like....well, you know how the old saying goes.


I know what you're going to say..."He's so cute!"...and he is, but we still don't need another dog!

Piper LOVES him!

Hollie is still trying to figure out how she could possibly share Matthew, but at least she's willing to put her best paw forward and give it a try.

Life here is always so interesting!



  1. Such a nice dog, though.. smile...

  2. He really is. I'm finding that he keeps Hollie busy, so that's nice. I think she really likes having the company.


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