Friday, June 15, 2012

Our June Keeper's Meeting

We had our June, Keeper's of the Home meeting last night. It was a great success. We focused on herbs and different things you could do with them. Janice showed everyone how to make rosemary bread and we talked about ways to switch it up by adding other herbs of your choice.

I brought some homemade sundried tomato and basil bread to share. Yum!

We also made some lavendar/chamomile melt and pour soap.

It smells soooo good!

Then we gathered around and shared stories from our journals. One lovely lady brought an old scrapbook to share that she bought at a yard sale many years ago. She shared it with us and told us of how it must have been someone's dreamhouse scrabbook from the 1940's, and how she continued adding to it by pasting her own dreamhouse pictures in it. Something wonderful she will be passing on to her grandchildren, I'm sure!

We ended the evening with a field trip out to Janice's chicken coop. She has the friendliest chickens! One lovely lady even found some eggs! So much fun!

Janice's turkeys.

...and Fancy was her name. Just look at that wig!

I'll leave you with a few more pictures from our wonderful evening with some great ladies.



  1. Wonderful post Julie. It was a lot of fun, and the scrap book was really cool.

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful Keepers meeting.. So glad they are going so well.. Would love the recipe to the soap.. Hint, hint...grin...

  3. Faye it's just a melt and pour soap, I order it in large blocks from Brambleberry. com. This one was goats milk. You can add any scented oil (which I also get at Brambleberry)You can add oatmeal, or poppy seeds, or herbs. The sky's the limit with melt and pour and so easy. The hardest part is already done for you.


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