Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keeper's Meeting......

We had our monthly Keeper's of the Home meeting on Thursday night. We decided a couple months ago that we would all learn how to make rag rugs. 
As you can see in these photos, everyone is busy connecting fabric and rolling it into a big ball.

Some of us brought our own little fabric rollers~LOL!
We'll be making the rugs at our November meeting. I think we're all really excited!
Everyone is using fall colored fabrics.
This is a picture of a rug I made earlier this spring, as a gift.
They are so easy and fun to make! We bought everything we needed here. Thank you Lora !
Next month I will be sure to post pictures of all our beautiful finished rugs.


  1. This was a very relaxing meeting for me. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad Janice. You NEED to relax! You are such a good person and you are always doing so much for so many. We're going to have so much fun finishing these rugs!

  2. Hi Julie, Looks as if you had a wondeful Keepers Meeting again! The rugs are fantastic. I love the one you made...especially the colors. They all will be great when they get finished. Everyone can always use an extra rug.Talk to you soon, Julie, and have a wonderful week full of fun.

    1. We sure did, Susannah! It was a lot of fun for everyone. The recipient loved the rug I made, too! These rugs feel SO FABULOUS under your feet. Do you crochet?


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