Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Craft Class–Week 3…..

 I hadn't realized that I didn't get this posted yet. I guess I was so busy, I thought I had done it already.
This week, much to my students demise, we made candle mats.
Oh, they are not very fond of stitching, but every once in a while I like to throw it in. I think it keeps their fingers limber, so they can stay in shape for all the other fun things we do. (giggle)
 I just love his floppy ears!
The reverse side was done in green/cream homespun.
I didn't bring my camera to class, so no student pics this week. Sorry! I'll try again next week.
Despite the fact that some of the ladies don't like to stitch, I think they did enjoy themselves. We obviously didn't get the whole thing done in one class, so I'm anxious to see who will continue theirs at home. Hmmm? Denise, Jean, Sheila? Avis??!!
I hope they let me know!
Next week's craft is going to be a real "let it all out" kind of craft.
I can't wait!

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