Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Flowers and Vegetable Garden…..

Welcome to “Our Little Red Saltbox”! I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit.
I was just taking a walk through our vegetable garden, apple orchard and flowers. Don’t you just love doing that? The birds are singing their morning tune, the wind is whispering welcome in your ear, while the sun warms you into a new day.
Our peas are looking pretty good. I need to run some strings for them to pull themselves up on. I love fresh peas straight from the garden!
I think we’re going to see some blossoms on our string beans soon!
This is probably my favorite bed. It’s where all the greens are planted. I can’t wait to make a big salad with them!
Mmmmm! Red potatoes! I have never really been a potato fan, except for sweet potatoes, but I do love brand new red potatoes fresh from the garden. Nothing like’em!
Chives! Another great addition to my big salad. I think I might make some garlic and chive mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.
Our lilacs are just starting to really pop. I love the smell of them! I think I may go out a pick a few to put inside today.
Don’t you love fresh flowers in your home? I even fill a tiny little bud base to put on my bathroom vanity.
I really need to weed, but probably not today. (giggle)
I did get this bed weeded, but I still need to add some mulch.
I’m not so sure it’ll be a very good year for our apples. We have a few dead trees. The deer like to come up and eat the bark, which kills the tree. I do love seeing the deer, but it also means a few less jars of applesauce.

This is a shade garden that I planted over 25 years ago. The fence has fallen and it has really gone wild, but I do love the look it has created for itself. There are a few daffodils, lilies, hostas and even something my mother in law called youth and old age.

This is our someday house lot. We hope to have our little red saltbox built on it soon!
Stay tuned....


  1. Hi Julie, Your garden is looking very good......and your flowers. I love the lot for your new house. Isn't it going to be great. I will be happy for you when it is all done. Had a little surgery on my hand last week....nothing was trigger thumb...get nthe bandage off and stitches out tomorrow and then therapy and then maybe the other thumb. That is why I have not talked to you much.

  2. Thank you! I have been thinking about you lately, so it was funny that I should here from you today. I read your comment 3 times. I knew I was reading it all wrong. I thought it read...and then therapy and then maybe another thumb. Can you imagine?!
    How are you feeling? Did/does it hurt? How are you able to get anything done? Your husband must be a big help to you. I'm glad. Will you have a long recovery? And your getting the other done after? Oh well, no dishes for a while, right? LOL!
    I hope you heal well and quickly, my friend!

  3. I'm doing great. It was easy peasy surgery ...right in the office. Had to cut or stretch the sheath that covers the tendon because my thumb hurt and would lock up and click. Did you get that, Julie. I write just like I talk!!!! Yep, the hubby has been pretty planting our garden and my flowers and good Lord...he really has done alot. Tomorrow I have the stitches out and then may have to have therapy for a while. I wanted this thumb done now so I could be sure to get in the pool and the lake this year. I love the water. I hope I can hold off for the other thumb. By the do you have therapy on a thumb????LOLOLOLOL!! We will see.

    Julie, I love that building lot. Looks beautiful. I hope you can kind of keep us informed about the new house. It sounds exciting to me. You are going to have beautiful sky views.I go out and lay in the pool and dream about the clouds and it is so relaxing. bed I go... Sweet dreams, dear,

    1. I'm glad it was such an easy surgery and I hope you are fully healed in time for a summer swim or two.
      The house lot is located nearby the home we have right now. Our son will be buying this one, so we wanted to be close to our grandchildren. I'm sure they'll be running across the field to us quite often!
      Take care, my friend!

  4. Your garden looks great. It's been to windy here to do much. We are having 45 to 50 mile an hour winds. We did start getting the deer fencing up. But the wind just made it impossible to finish. Hopefully we will be able to get more done soon.

    1. Well, at least the bugs aren't going to bother you with the wind. I'm trying to be positive. LOL! Hopefully it will calm down a bit though, so you can get your fence done. Good luck!

  5. Hi just a reminder.
    This Thursday is the end of the craft swap. Please have your swaps mailed no later then this weekend. I know everyone is excited to see what they got. If you have received your swap, please let me know so that I may feature it and your blog on my sight.


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