Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Evening….

scenery 006
I love lilacs. This is one of our two trees. We also have a white lilac tree that belonged to my husband’s mother. I love that it still lives on and is doing so well. Many have taken from it, and still it provides more each year. Their smell says summer to me.
I apologize for not posting for a while. We have been busy getting all of our paper work for the house finished, so the bank can do their part. I actually thought I had everything in to them, but they needed more. I feel like they want everything, but our first born son. They don’t lend money like they used to anymore, but 
I know that all of the time we are spending on getting everything ready for the bank now, will pay off later when we are enjoying our new home. That thought is what keeps me sane throughout this whole process.
My husband and I have also been spending our time getting our garden planted. I love working in the garden. It’s such a peaceful place. God and I spend a lot of time there together. Our grandchildren love fresh peas from the garden, so this year we made sure we planted a few extra rows. We also doubled up on all the greens, because those are what my husband and I enjoy so much.
Summer for us means more grilling time, so we have been doing a lot of that now that the snow is finally gone. Tonight we enjoyed grilled pork chops from the pig we raised last year. She certainly was named appropiately....Shirley B. Goodeatin! (giggle)
Today, our oldest son and I cleaned out all the boxes and bottles from the garage that have sat there all winter. You know, all the boxes from Christmas that pile up and never get taken to the recycling center because the weather is so cold. Well, they are all gone now, and the garage is clean!
So many summer projects. I love it! You won’t hear me complain about them either, because I don’t like winter.  I am going to love whatever summer sends my way. The good, the bad, the endless work.
I hope you are enjoying whatever summer is bringing your way.
Stop by to visit again soon…..


  1. Hi Julie, I am just dying to hear about your house plans sometime. It is going to be wonderful! We are getting our garden ready...well, let's say Jim is. He is using his new rototiller and it is doing a great job. Going to be planting some rhubarb! Ours died off a few years ago and the kids love my Mom's recipe for rhubarb pie and have been asking for it! My daughter makes the best like her grandmother!

    Aren't you glad it is spring finally. It has been beautiful here. We are suppose to get a good frost tomorrow night. Glad I have not bought much yet. How about you?


    1. Hi Susannah,
      We were planning on getting the house up last year, but things just didn't come together like we hoped. This year is much better, though. My cousin is our builder. He has his own company and builds homes in coastal maine. He just finished a $3 million dollar home across from the Bush Estate in Kennebunk. I joked with him that we can't afford him, but he's family thank goodness!

      We have 7 raised bed gardens. Each of them are 4'x8'. This will be our third year, and we love them. We get a longer season, and up here that is really needed.

      Mmmm! Rhubarb pie! We love it! We have 2 large patches that we use up every year. For the past couple of years we have been freezing it for winter use. We had a homemade strawberry/rhubarb pie at Christmas time. How often does that happen?

      I hope your frost is a light one, and the last one. I think everybody is ready for winter to be over. We have some flower bulbs to put in and some new hostas, but I have been holding off for one more frost. Maybe in another week or two I will put them in.

      Take care!

  2. Hi Julie.. Such a lovely post. I was wondering what you were up to.. I, like you, prefer Spring to Fall..I can't wait to start using my herbs and putting up.. Lovely to have a son's help, eh?

  3. Good morning Faye! You must be pretty busy this time of year. I am loving all your posts. When will you be opening the shop? I would love to visit it sometime. Hmmm? Maybe this will be the year.
    Hope you are having a wonderful spring season!

  4. Thank you for joining our craft swap. It's going to be a lot of fun. Entries will be closing Thursday evening so I will be posting the name swaps on Friday.
    I love the summer time. I so enjoy watching my garden grow. Hopefully with out squirrels and gophers this year. I am now following.

  5. Hi again. Julie you and I are partners on the craft swap. I am so looking forward to this swap. The details are on my blog. Happy Mother's Day!!!


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