Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Fun…

Who doesn't love roasting hotdogs and making smores by an open fire??
As you can see, it's something we love to do. This was actually our granddaughter's first time trying a smore, and while she didn't really care for them, she did love roasting and eating just the "smarshmallows" by themselves. Aren't little ones funny?
I have heard that you can roast Pillsbury biscuits the same way you do marshmallows. Hmmm?? We might have to try that out and see!
While our summer seems to be flying by, and the smell of fall lurks in the evening air, we are really enjoying the season while we have it. There are still a few good days left, so we will enjoy them before they come to an end! I just hate to think of old man winter rearing his ugly head soon. Brrr!
I hope you are all still enjoying these beautiful summer days. Thank you for stopping by!

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