Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life These Days at Our Little Red Salt Box....



More "smarshmallow" fun!


 Dillyn loves smores made with Reese's 
Peanut Butter Cups. 

Taking a break from eating smores, to play on the game boy
that belonged to Uncle Tom when he was this age.


What good is a campfire if you don't dance 
around it??


We still have peas!


Fresh veges...YUM!
No beets this year, though. The deer got them all!


My husband and brother in law enjoying
a chat on the back steps.


Piper and her best friend...Hollie.


Somebody thought Hollie needed a necklace
made out of clover.

My little kitchen helper and I made some zucchini bread.

Well, that's our life these days. Full of relaxation, family, and fun! 

Our summer days are slowly turning to fall.
I noticed some of the leaves are already beginning to turn. Pretty 
soon we'll be living in a beautiful box of favorite time of year!

Enjoy your time!



  1. Hi Julie, I could go for one of those marshmallows right about now! They look so good. I hope you are enjoying your new home! I am sure it all that you hoped for. Yes, Faye, is right, we have been at the lake (my daughter and son-in-laws place) but we came home because I (Yes, Me!) fell at the lake again. I am so true when I say I was sober and it was an honest to goodness fall.....kerplunk! ..... right over the leg of the floor fan. Came down and broke my glasses and had a black eye and black cheek. I am a doozy! Well, I finally recovered from that...and my sister and her two grown daughters came for 4 days. We had so much fun. My little sister who lives here (about 2 miles from us) invited our cousins to come for a picnic while we were all together. It was great. And then....the next week our son and his wife had their baby...a little boy...names Cayden James (James after my husband, he was so pleased!) and here we are up to date!!! All that and trying to get through all my ailments that go with Fibromyalgia. Our garden has been fantastic yours. Lots of beans. Two twenty foot rows and we got enough beans for 4 families to have beans 3 or 4 times! Tomatoes are having a hard time getting ripe. We need some more hot sun. Jim must have picked over 500 cucumbers. The deer ate the beets and a bit of lettuce and that is it. We have a mama deer and 3 baby deer in our field...well, many other, too. Jim got some spray stuff to repel the deer and it works so good. I know I have gone on and on. Sorry. Has your "group" got together this summer? Have you bought anything new for your new house? Let me know. Phone is ringing!

    1. Well, Susanna it sounds like you have been having a fun time...right up till the black eye anyway!
      Oh! A picnic! I haven't had one of those in years! That is something I must do the next time Piper is here. She would absolutely love it, and if I know her, she'll turn it into a tea party.
      A new baby! A boy! How precious! Congratulations! I love the smell of a brand new baby, and the sounds they make!!
      Our tomatoes don't seem to be ripening either. I'm sure like you said, it's the lack of sun. Our cucumbers didn't come this year...they blossomed but never produced. I do have lots of spaghetti squash though. I love those. I need to get some of that spray stuff your husband got. Sounds like a good idea.
      Our keepers group skipped out in July, but we met last week. Summers are a bit hard because lots of gals like to go on vacation or to camp. Last week we made dill pickles, and Janice showed us how to make lotion bars. This past weekend Joe and I made LOTS of mustard pickles. Our favorite! Do you make pickles?
      I have a few new things for the house. The biggest thing though, is that I'm just about finished with the painting. The stair spindles are DONE! They were the worst! Do you have email?? I am email me and I will send you pictures.
      Take care my friend and no more falling!


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