Monday, January 20, 2014

My Dad….

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Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. A melancholy day.
My Dad was a big man, also know as Big John, or Leadfoot to his truck driving buddies. His presence may have been intimidating to some, but to those who really knew him, he was just a big old teddy bear.
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Christmas at mom and dad's 2011 088
Thanksgiving Dinner 2011 024
Dad loved football. His favorite team was the Washington Redskins. He also loved fishing and camping. I remember when we were all little, he and mom would take us camping at Baxter State Park. A lot of wonderful memories were made there.
Every Christmas morning he would wake us up by doing a Tarzan yell. That's when we knew we could all race downstairs to see what Santa had left us.
Because Dad was a truck driver, we had the privilege of being able to take trips with him every summer. I loved going in the truck with him. It made me feel like an only child. He took us places and showed us things that we wouldn't have otherwise seen, like the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch, the Rocky Mountains, Las Vegas at night. He was a great man, and the best dad a daughter could ever have.
Oh, the memories...
They are all dearly treasured!
Dad said that the five most important lessons he learned in his life were...
to listen
to follow directions
to take responsibility for his actions
to except life for what it is
to get out of life all you can get.
That last one really says it all about my Dad. He loved life!
Words cannot express how much this wonderful man is missed by our whole family!
We love him, miss him, and know that we will see him again.


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