Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Craft….

 Good morning! It's a cold one out there too! Hope you're nice and warm.
I have a little craft for you. It would make a nice gift if you need an extra one for that last minute party or added person on your Christmas list....or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something nice. Either way, this will be great!
We made this a couple weeks ago in the Primitive Craft Class that I teach for our local Adult Ed Program.
Okay, this is what you'll need...
  1. burlap
  2. black acrylic craft paint
  3. a pouncer
  4. stencil
  5. poly-fil
  6. pins
  7. embroidery floss/needle
  8. scissors
  9. paper plate
  10. newspaper



I didn't measure out my burlap and cut it until I finished stenciling. That way I didn't have to worry about centering the stencil to my pillow. You can make any size pillow you like.


You want to start by placing a small amount of paint on a paper plate. Dip your pouncer in the paint and then pounce a good part of it off the pouncer.'s easier to add paint than it is to take it away. Less is always best. That's what I tell my class.


Tape your stencil to your burlap and start pouncing. You also want to make sure that you have newspaper or something behind the area you are stenciling, as the paint may leak through.


Once you reach the end of your stencil, just gently pull it off.


This is when you will cut the burlap for your pillow. Once the size has been decided, just fold it over so that wrong sides are together. I folded in my cut edge, but you don't necessarily have to.


Pin the edges together.


Thread an embroidery needle with some floss. I used 3 strands of floss and a sewed it together using a blanket stitch. If you are not familiar with this stitch you can watch this tutorial.


Make sure you leave a small unstitched area at the end for stuffing. I've been known to forget that part!


This is my finished pillow. Perfect for the holidays!

Have fun crafting!

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