Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bit of a Break….

I figured I’d take a break today and blog on something other than the house.
As you know my husband and I do love to cook! Well, this past weekend that’s just what we decided to do.
I made a pot of homemade chicken tortellini soup, which I forgot to get a picture of. It got devoured pretty quickly, though. Along with the soup, I made some of Faye’s homemade rosemary bread which went perfectly with the soup. Faye has a wonderful blog called “The Blessed Hearth”. You must go and visit her. If you’ve never tried the bread before, you are missing out. It’s amazing! You can get the recipe here.
Joe made a couple of cakes. Like we needed them, but we do share a lot with friends and family, so nothing stays in our house long.
Oatmeal cake with Hershey bar chocolate frosting.
Blueberry sour cream coffee cake.
Both were delicious!
We also did a bit of exploring around our new house. We found out that there are many hazelnut trees surrounding our new home, along with a few raspberry bushes and blackberry bushes. So exciting for us!
We set the hazelnuts out to dry and froze some of the blackberries. The rest were used to make blackberry jam!
I guess you can kind of tell that that’s not the only jam we’ve made this year. Last week I made some fresh Maine blueberry cinnamon jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, strawberry pineapple jam and raspberry jam.
Yes! We love jams!
We are expecting some peaches this week, so I’ll be busy with those soon. Mmmm! Peach jam, canned peaches, peach pie filling……
I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the hazelnuts, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!
We didn’t pick a lot, as the squirrels and deer got to them much faster than we did, but we have enough.
I do hope all is going well in your little corner of the world. I always love to hear what your up to so be sure to leave me your comments and let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Homer said he'd be here this week, so I hope he is. I plan on canning and jamming them this weekend.

      How did Bev like the "new smell" in the outhouse? Is it still working?

      We need to get together sometime and do something crafty!


  2. Julie I have been following you for a long time now,was out by your little red saltbox a couple weeks ago,it is beautiful,I bet you can`t wait to get moved in.Did you say your son was moving into the old home?We seen your boxer when we drove by,we had one of them and a boxer rottie mix,really miss the breed but we lost both to cancer and we told ourselves no more boxers.I so enjoy looking at your pics and all of the things you two cook.Donna Boyce

  3. Thank you Donna! You should have stopped in. Hollie our boxer, loves women, but unfortunately she's not so fond of men. She's a good girl, but VERY protective, especially of me. I'm not sure that we will get another after her. She's pretty irreplaceable.

    Will you be coming to the Keeper's meeting on Thursday? We're making lotion.

    Yes, we are big foodies here. Unfortunately my weight gain is proof of that. Last night, Joe made a delicious apple cake with carrots, pecans and cream cheese. DELICIOUS! I might have to post the recipe.

    Hope to see you on Thurs.


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