Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Sunday Drive Upcountry….

                         IMG_7236             IMG_7239                  IMG_7244      IMG_7242

There is lots of ice fishing going on up North. I, myself, have never been,
but my husband has and loves it. I think I would fear falling through the ice!
                IMG_7250            IMG_7251

This is the view outside the restaurant window where we were seated. A beautiful view of Long Lake. It’s about an hours ride or so from home.
                     IMG_7254    IMG_7253
IMG_7255    IMG_7256   IMG_7257 
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Joe and I stopped at the Lakeview Restaurant to have a bite to eat.
We had a lovely salad, shared a bowl of French onion soup, and both of us had the baked stuffed haddock. YUM!
We brought half home with us, because there was so much of it. Lunch for tomorrow!
IMG_7264      IMG_7265            IMG_7269   
These are some of the towns we visited along the way. Can you read what it says on the Madawaska sign? It says that it’s the most North Eastern town of the United States. Yup! We were pretty far North!
                                IMG_7266          IMG_7274                                  IMG_7276
We saw a lot of beautiful Catholic churches. I love old churches, don’t you?
             IMG_7272   IMG_7273   
Joe and I love going for long drives on a nice Sunday afternoon. Today was the perfect day….it was in the 40’s.
Spring is coming, isn’t it!  
IMG_7270    IMG_7271  
We found a Marden’s Surplus store along the way, so we stopped in to do a little shopping. I found a couple things to put away for some upcoming birthdays. Some things you just can’t pass up, you know. Don’t you just love a good bargain?
Well, this is where it all ends…7 hours later and we arrived home safely. Now it’s time to put supper on the table.
Oh, what a lovely ride it was!
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  1. Ji Julie, Thank you for taking me on a nice little cruise to the most north eastern town of the United States. It was very interesting. I think the churches are the best...such architectural detail. Each one is so different.It was fun to see the pics of Long Lake. There is a beautiful Long Lake in the Adirondacks of New York that we visit quite frequently.

    Have a great week, Julie. Glad you enjoyed today.


    1. Thank you Susannah! It was a lovely day! How is spring coming along in your part of the world? Do you still have snow? I'd love to hear what you've been up to!
      Blessings & a good week to you!

    2. Seems like we have been so busy and on the go so much.Oh, I went Sunday with my daughter and granddaughter to a buy a sweet, darling dress for my granddaughter's eigth grade dinner dance coming up this spring. I think it is called assure blue. Sequins on the bodice... a lovely satin bow around the waist and then the full short skirt is made of tulle with sparkles here and there. Then at the bottom, it has like wire that you find in wire ribbon and there are two layers each with wire inserted in the make it ruffle and stand out. I hope I described that right. It was so much fun. Mema (that's me) and Papa bought the cute little shoes she liked so oher than jewwely, she is all set.

      I bought some fabric to make my daughter some pot holders for her new kitchen. She says she needs them badly. The days go by fast and I am busy ....doing exactly what, I don't know.

      What have you been up to? I read that you are snow shoeing and cross country skiing. I admire you. Those were great pictures, too

      My fibromyalgia is giving me some troule today so that is why I am up late. It has been so good and tomorrow is another day...and it had better be good then, too. I have lots of things to do.

      Let me know how you and your family are doing these days.

    3. Is that like an eighth grade prom? That's what the kids do up here. Before you know it it'll be wedding gowns you'll be shopping for. They grow up so fast. Tooo fast!
      I know what you mean by busy days. I don't know what it is that I'm doing to make the days fly by. The time change is not helping me any, either.
      While snowshoeing days are over there is so many other thing that I have been up to. I am getting out more, so that is good. I stay home so much. The fresh air is nice.
      I hope you are feeling well today. I have heard that fibromyalgia can be quite bad sometimes. Does the weather make it better/worse?
      Blessing to you for a good week!

  2. Hi Julie.. Sounds and looks like a wonderful fun day..
    Your food looks delicious, too..
    Spring is on it's way here, too.. So glad but we still have lots of snow.. xo

    1. Thank you, Faye!
      I can't wait for spring either. I am not a winter girl. I love the indoor fires and cozy nights, but not the cold and ice. I'm just over it right now.
      What are you cooking up good today? I bet you probably have a nice soup or salad in the works. You are always up to something so wonderful.
      Blessing to you, my friend,


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