Friday, February 15, 2013

A Snowshoeing Kind of Day...


I love snowshoeing...
The sound of the snow crunching beneath you,
the wind blowing through the trees,
the snow melting in the pines,
and the beauty that surrounds you.
There is nothing like it. If you haven't tried it, you should. It doesn't take any special skill, and it's a great way to get some exercise. I pretty much stay inside all winter, so for me it's a great way to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

I spent Tuesday afternoon snowshoeing with Hollie and had so much fun, I decided to go again on Wednesday.
This time I went with my sister and our friend, Marrianne.

Marrianne lives in a beautiful log cabin set way back in the woods. It's the perfect place for snowshoeing.

We stopped by Marrianne's son's cabin to say hello. He lives even further in the woods than she does.
We found an animals den. Just glad it didn't belong to a bear!
We finally made it back!
Time to sit by the fire and enjoy a little snack, a cup of tea and the company of good friends.
Marrianne is quite a crafty lady. She showed Robin and I some of the projects she has been working on. In the above picture they are looking at some rug hooking patterns. Something I want to try someday.
This is the wool rug she is braiding. I LOVE IT!
Here are a few more pictures from Marrianne's beautiful cabin in the woods.
I hope you are all enjoying winter in whatever part of the world you live in.


  1. loved the pictures they came out great. Your blog is wonderful and I'm proud to say I'm related to the lady that writes this blog. Had a lot of fun that day we need to do it again and add some more girls to the fun.

  2. Thanks! I agree, we do need to get a group together. That would be so much fun!Love you, sis!


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