Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Hazzardous Weather Advisory...

Snow, snow, and more snow....

This weekend has been a blizzard!
The winds have been blowing up to 37 mph., and
the temperatures have been in the teens
Just one of the many perks of living in Northern Maine.
I wouldn't change living here, though.
The beauty of winter is so extraordinary! So, instead of dwelling on the fact that it's cold, and lasts between 6 - 8 months, I choose to celebrate it!
This is the little village where we live.
 There's maybe about 40 people in all that live here.
 On our way back from town on Saturday, my husband and I came across some kids cleaning some snow off the ice so they could enjoy a bit of skating.
I just love tv, to computer, no video games or cell phones. Just good old fashioned fun!
This is the snowmobile trail. The railroad used to run through here, but when the trains stopped coming up this way, they pulled up the tracks and it became a great trail for snowsledders, atv's and bikers.
No matter where, or how far you roam....
All roads take you back home.
May God's love keep you safe and warm during these cold winter days.


  1. I agree with you Julie that winter in Canada or Northern Maine (smile) is as it should be..
    WE are blessed.. Loved your pics.. xo

  2. Hi Julie, Love all of your pictures! And so nice to see the kids doing what I did everyday after school - ice skating on the pond. That is the way to have fun!Your little town looks perfect!...still in the country. Isn't it a great feeling to love where you live? My sister moved to South Carolina and keeps insisting that my husband and I should move there. No way! I like the changing seasons here ....and of course, I could not be that far away from the kids and grand kids!!!!! Faye is right..we are blessed.

    1. Oh, how I remember those days, too! I remember walking to the pond carrying my skates over my shoulder. We had so much fun!
      I do love where we live. It's in the same farmhouse that my husband grew up in.
      South Carolina sounds great, but like you, I'd miss the seasons....and the grandbabies!
      Many Blessings,

  3. Wonderful pictures Julie! Keep up the good work....<3

    1. Thank you Nancy. Hope you are staying warm!


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