Friday, April 17, 2015

The Past Week and A Spring Drawing....



 Homemade toast on the cookstove...
with a hot cup of tea, of course.


Time with Papa.


 A bit of cupboard rearranging.


I re-upholstered our bench with burlap.

Dehydrated zucchini and summer squash.


Pumpkin patch biscuits. Simply delicious!


I stenciled our entry...


...and found more pewter on Ebay to add to our collection.

It's been a fun week, and a busy one. The snow has melted tremendously. I cannot believe just how quickly it has gone. Today it is raining a bit, so even more will go. 
There are lots of flood warnings in our area, as this is the time of year when the ice breaks up and causes problems. I do love spring though. The flowers, the smells, the GREEN! I didn't know how much I missed that color. It has been a LONG winter for everyone this year, but spring is here now. FINALLY! I think we all wondered if we would ever see it again. LOL! 

Well, you have seen what I have been up to. What about you? Has the snow melted quite a bit in your area? Is spring your favorite time of year? Leave me a comment, and your name will be entered into my spring drawing. I have a "special something" waiting for someone! 

I will announce a winner on May 1st.



  1. I have been busy,not as busy as I would like,as you get older you slow down a lot.I remember it was not long ago I could go all day,not so anymore :(. But I thank the good Lord that I can still do things. Got my coop cleaned out got the baby chicks moved out to the coop under a heat lalmp,sold 15 got 4 left that I will keep. Got all kinds of mama`s setting on eggs in the coop,all different hatch dates,just went out and have two new babies.,Got scare crow tape put on all the runs to keep the wild bird out,scared of that avian bird flu passed on by wild bird droppings.Started on garden clean up.Got garage cleaned up,at least my side,hubby`s side is a mess,says he is going to through some of it away,been saying that for two years,lol.Been hanging clothes on the line,love that clean smell.Lots more to do,but I can take my time,well till the black flies get here then you have to stay inside or put on bug spray.Love reading your posts. Donna

  2. I love spring too. Water has started to flow on the lake, another week or so we'll have a lake full of water not ice. Chicken coop cleaned, a little yard work done. Just thinking about making a custard with my abbunance of eggs

  3. Love your stencil and what fun to have a little helper... I, too, love Spring.. Take care, dear heart.. xo

  4. Love reading and hearing about all you do and make! Happy Spring...<3

  5. 🌺 LOVE SPRING 🌼 Love seeing the birds! 🐦

  6. I'm enjoying getting a chance to play outside with the kiddos. I need to start our seeds for spring, but am still trying to figure out where we're going to put them that the kids and cats won't knock them over/ruin them. Any ideas?? :)


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