Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some Great Finds...

 This past Monday afternoon I took a trip to the big city of Houlton, which is about 40 min. from where I live.
I had to pick up some new lenses from my eye doctor, so I thought I'd do a bit of shopping at the antique store while I was there.
Antique store
Here are some of my finds....
An old photo. The store owner threw it in for free. I love it! I wonder who she is, and what her story is?
A couple of books...Ethel's Gift and Stories from the New Testament, .50 ea. The latter book is only about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". So adorable. I am a lover of old books! How about you?
Last week I visited a thrift store and picked up these goodies...
A lovely picture that is just my style, and only $2. I love it!! I have it hanging in our dining room, and it's the perfect spot for it!
I also picked up some old frames for .50 ea. I love the design of this one. It's quite small. It only holds a 3" x 4" photo. I still need to work on a stitchery to put in it.
Then there's this one...
I believe it's a 5" x 7". I stitched a small sampler to put in it.
I love this saying, don't you? I found it on Pinterest. The word "securd" was misspelled on purpose!
On Saturday my husband and I stopped in to visit a local store that was holding it's grand opening. It's owned by a local man who is a fantastic carpenter! His store is filled with some really great shelves, furniture, and so much more. 
My husband and I purchased this shelf from him.
We love it! It's just what our entryway needed!
This weekend there is going to be a Trash & Treasure show nearby, so I think I might have to go check it out. There are always a lot of antiques vendors and crafters that bring some really great items.
I'll be sure to take pictures!


  1. Love all of your finds, Julie.. My kind of stores for sure. Love your shelf.. xo

    1. Thank you! I know you are a fellow deal finder, too. Isn't it fun!

  2. Love the little sampler that you made. The picture of the woman reminds me of all the pictures I have like that of my family. I can not imagine my kids wanting them someday. I wonder what will happen to them? Anyways, glad you are having fun.

    1. I am so in love with these pictures! I have always wanted some to display in our home. This is my first one, so it's definitely special!
      How are you doing? My husband has an upper respiratory that he's been fighting for a week, but thank goodness I haven't caught it. We don't need two of us sick!
      Hugs to you!!

  3. Julie, call me next time you go, I'd love to tag along with you!!

    1. I would LOVE to have you tag along with me! I will definitely be calling next time!



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