Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Day at Home....

Today we are having some stormy weather....sleet and freezing rain.
Schools in our area have all been cancelled, and since I work at our local
elementary school, I have found myself with a day at home.

I LOVE my days at home!

When I was growing up, my mother would spend stormy days cooking and baking. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree, because that's what I like to do, as well. 

Today I decided to make some bread. I love bread....any kind of bread!

It's been a while since I have made oatmeal brown bread. It's probably my favorite, so that was definitely one of my choices. This is the recipe I use...

 It's from a book that I found in my
stash of cookbooks. 
I wish I could remember where it came from. It's filled with a lot of wonderful recipes.

While making the brown bread, I also decided to make some cinnamon raisin bread. That's a bread I enjoy A LOT!
This is the book that the recipe came from. It was a birthday gift from a good friend. I LOVE IT!

The recipe....

Now we wait to let it raise.
I think I'll put the tea water on. 

Looking good!

Now it's time to add the cinnamon/sugar mixture to the raisin bread.
Doesn't it look delicious already! 

 The oatmeal brown bread is out of the cook stove. Now it's time to put the cinnamon raisin bread in.

Mmmm!  The cinnamon raisin bread tastes amazing! Check out that hole of cinnamon, sugar, raisin goodness!

The breads are done. Time to relax with my cup of tea!

 Thank you for stopping by our little red saltbox.

I treasure our visits.
Enjoy your day!